Polis "Unterwegs I" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Polis – Unterwegs I (CD)
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“A Polis concert is always something special. In order to bring the arrangements of our studio albums with their sometimes opulent instrumentation to the stage without any compromises, we spare no effort to keep a real instrument museum with us. Large amplifier walls and numerous rotary loudspeakers are a must, as well the real Hammond organ, Fender-Rhodes piano and the analog synthesizer instruments, which have rarely or never been found on stage since their heyday in the 70s. The joy of their sound power puts a smile on our faces and we sink in together with the audience in deep worlds of sound and expand our cosmos of emotions with childlike playfulness. We have been on stage together like this for 13 years now and we have often whispered to each other that it was about time we captured this experience and releasing a live album.

Now the time has come! Last year we professionally recorded two concerts and recently put together a selection of 8 pieces from them to form our first live album. Recorded at the Woodstock Forever Festival in Waffenrod and at the Alte Kaffeerösterei in Plauen.

In addition to our "stage classics" such as "Tropfen" and "Blumenkraft" with their extended instrumental jams and the audience favorite "Sag mir", the pieces also include two completely unreleased pieces. Since new compositions usually find their way onto the stage more quickly than onto the next record, we have already played "The First Beacon" and "The Solitude" live and decided to include them as a foretaste of the next album.”


  • Christian Roscher – Vocals
  • Christoph Kastner – Guitar
  • Marius Leicht – Keyboards
  • Andreas Sittig – Bass
  • Sascha Bormann – Drums

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  1. Tropfen
  2. Gedanken
  3. Die Einsamkeit
  4. Das Erste Leuchtfeuer
  5. Eine Liebe, Tausend Leben
  6. Danke
  7. Sag Mir
  8. Blumenkraft

Format: CD
Artist: Polis
Release Date: December 30, 2023