Poor Genetic Material "Here Now" CD (NEW ARTIST)

Poor Genetic Material

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Poor Genetic Material – Here Now (CD)

Almost exactly four years after their album “Absence”, acclaimed by critics and fans, Poor Genetic Material released their new album Here Now.

Poor Genetic Material have developed their very own unique style and are considered as one of Germany‘s best art and prog rock bands. “Excellent playing combined with inventive songwriting goes into creating music that ranges from the delicately melodious to the noisily progressive, from accessible tunes to quirkily complex arrangements“. Not least Poor Genetic Material are known for their two exceptional lead singers: Philip Griffiths and his father Martin who is best known as the singer of 70s prog-band Beggars Opera. The 13-minute song The Garden proves that Martin Griffiths’s voice has lost nothing of its power and fascination.

Musically, Here Now is more direct and less mellow than its predecessor. Lyrically, the two albums deal with two sides of the same coin: While Absence was focusing on the experience of loss and the transience of everything we live through, Here Now deals with the permanent presence of every single moment, which makes us forever tied to the Here and Now.


  • Philip Griffiths – Lead & Backing Vocals
  • Martin Griffiths – Lead Vocals on The Garden
  • Stefan Glomb – Guitars
  • Philipp Jaehne – Keyboards
  • Pia Darmstaedter – Flute
  • Dennis Sturm – Bass
  • Dominik Steinbacher – Drums & Backing Vocals


  • Here Now
  • Serendipity
  • The Waiting Game
  • Note From My Younger Self
  • The Garden
  • The War
    • The Garden
    • The Theater
    • The Silver Peacock
    • The Peace
  • This Place

Format: CD
Artist: Poor Genetic Material
Release Date: 2020