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Poor Genetic Material

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Poor Genetic Material – Possibilities (CD)

In 2023, Poor Genetic Material surprised critics and fans with an album with a reduced line-up. This, however, was not the end of the full 7-piece line-up playing together since 2011, but just a second outlet to the band's many musical ideas. The full band is now back with a powerful new album. The rhythm section of Dennis Sturm and Dominik Steinbacher lay the foundation for the subtly complex work of keyboards and guitars and the virtuoso flute playing of Pia Darmstaedter. Against the backdrop of this exquisite instrumental basis, singer Philip Griffiths shines again with his melodic lines and vocal performances.

A special treat on this album is the performance of Phil's father Martin (of Beggars Opera fame) on the Beatlesque Old Buffoon, a song that in a better world might be a hit-single.

Possibilities has Poor Genetic Material's trademark elements, as well as a lot of new ideas and approaches, not least is the carefully arranged choir and backing vocal arrangements.


  • Philip Griffiths – Lead & Backing Vocals, Didgeridoo
  • Martin Griffiths – Lead Vocals on Old Buffoon, Nursery Rhyme on Rain
  • Stefan Glomb – 6- & 12-string Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Philipp Jaehne – Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Mellotron
  • Pia Darmstaedter – Flute
  • Dennis Sturm – Bass
  • Dominik Steinbacher – Drums, Backing Vocals

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  1. Possibilities
  2. Rain
  3. A Spark Of Ideas
  4. Old Buffoon
  5. An Island In Time
  6. Contingency

Format: CD
Artist: Poor Genetic Material
Release Date: March 22, 2024