PreHistoric Animals "The Magical Mystery Machine, Chapter Two" CD (BACK IN STOCK)

PreHistoric Animals

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PreHistoric Animals – The Magical Mystery Machine, Chapter Two (CD)
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What happens when you love classic progressive rock, alternative rock and brilliant pop music? You make it very hard for yourself... But, despite that, PreHistoric Animals have gained huge success in all these areas. When they released their second album, The Magical Mystery Machine (Chapter 1), they were praised by both the audience and the reviewers.

The new album – The Magical Mystery Machine, Chapter 2 – is the follow up to the story about Cora and Jareth collecting the essence of humanity. The story is science fiction, but deals with current issues in our society.

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  • 1.     An Empty Space
  • 2.     We Harvest The Souls Of The Brave
  • 3.     I Am The Chosen One (And I Like It)
  • 4.     Ghostfires
  • 5.     Cora’s New Secret
  • 6.     The Protectors Of The Universe
  • 7.     2100 (New Years Eve)
  • 8.     Pull Me
  • 9.     It’s A Start, Not The End

Format: CD
Artist: Prehistoric Animals
Release Date: March 24, 2022