Quantum Fantay "Oneironauts" CD (NEW RELEASE)

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Quantum Fantay – Oneironauts (CD)
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    Despite all the rocky roads, Quantum Fantay take us with them on their 9th stellar journey, Oneironauts. Still on board are Jaro, who is fully occupied by his daughters, Dario's successor Tom Tas, who also plays full-time with Thorium, and the new drummer Jazzper Coulper, who is still learning the ropes. So, almost all the work was left to Pete Mush, who, despite lucrative DJ engagements at Goa-Trance events, is whole-heartedly committed to the project, which you can hear in every single one of the 60 minutes on this album. He wrote all the tracks and recorded them in his own Mushroomland studio. Besides his keyboards, he also played many of the bass and flute parts. Jaro and Tom stopped by to record their parts. Drums were played part time by Louis, Jazzper and even Gino. Charles Sla returned to guest on one track after many years, as did Ed Wynne, who traditionally contributes a guitar solo.

    Every Quantum Fantay album has differed from its predecessor in nuances. From the rocking riffs of the early phase to the world music on Terragaia, to the techno on Dancing in Limbo and prog on Yemaya Orisha. Oneironauts places even more emphasis on synthesizer soundscapes and sound effects. You feel transported to dream worlds while listening. Matching the album title “Dreamriders” and album concept: two lovers discover the ability to consciously travel through dreams together. Keyboard and guitar solos are not neglected this time either and prove that, despite everything, a rock band is still at work here.

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      1.      Flight Into Hive Mind

      2.      Wakening

      3.      Mnomic Induction Of Lucid Dream

      4.      Upwards And Onwards

      5.      Oneironauts

      6.      Scurdy Flurdy

      7.      Solora

      8.      Orchid Borealis

      Format: CD
      Artist: Quantum Fantay
      Release Date: June 28, 2024
      Cat. No.: PPRCD121