Ribozyme "Celestial Low" LP

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Ribozyme - Celestial Low (LP)
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Veteran alternative hard rock band Ribozyme from Bergen, Norway returns with their 8th album Celestial Low.

Ribozyme produced by Spidergawd mastermind Per Borten, you say? What a great idea!

The goal with having Per Borten produce this was to capture their live energy, and also to have more of an organic sound to the recordings. So, isn’t it pretty awesome that Ribozyme is delivering shamelessly catchy rock tunes in 2023? We think so!


  • Drums: Cato Olaisen (Ex-Major Parkinson, Trust, Natt)
  • Bass: Bård Kristinson (Trust Us, Natt)
  • Guitar/Vocals: Kjartan Ericson (Vestamaran)
  • Guitar: Thomas Lønnheim (ex-Sahg, ex-Ralph Myers & Jack Herren Band)


  1. Newly Defeated
  2. Bloodworks
  3. Rapidly Changed
  4. Order
  5. Celestial Low
  6. Bleacher
  7. Biggest Upset
  8. Square

      Format: Vinyl
      Artist: Ribozyme
      Release Date: October 20, 2023
      Cat. No.: ARP180LP