Rick Miller "In The Shadows" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Rick Miller - In The Shadows (CD)
This is a Progressive Promotion Records release.

Sold out for a while and finally back in print again. If you like melodic prog with a 70s vibe, you need to hear this one. Check out the tracks below.


  • Rick Miller – Vocals, Keyboards, Mellotron, Guitar, Bass, Composer & Producer


  • Barry Haggarty – Guitar
  • Kane Miller – Acoustic Guitar, Violin
  • Mateusz Swoboda – Cello
  • Sarah Young – Flute
  • Will – Drums, Percussion

Have a look and a listen here:


  1. A Promise Worth Making
  2. The River Lethe
  3. Heaven In Your Eyes
  4. Ombres
  5. Life In The Shadows
  6. The Twilight Beckons Me
  7. The Fall Of Uqbar
  8. Angel Eyes Pt. 1
  9. The Young Man And The Mirror
  10. The Last Night

Bonus Track

  1. The Breeze, The Ocean, The Rain

Format: CD
Artist: Rick Miller
Release Date: 2011/re-released 2022