Rick Wakeman "The Red Planet" Limited Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Rick Wakeman

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Rick Wakeman – The Red Planet Limited Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD)

This is the limited deluxe edition with pop-up cover.

Rick Wakeman, best known as keyboard player in progressive rock band Yes (across five tenures between 1971 and 2004), releases new solo album The Red Planet - a serious return to "Wakeman Prog". Harking back to Wakeman's critically acclaimed 1973 debut ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’, ‘The Red Planet’ features 8 newly composed pieces based around a central subject matter. 

Rick’s blown the dust off his favourite analogue keyboards and along with his latest keys has used the same formula he devised when making his debut album and the equally legendary Criminal Record. Upon being asked about the expectations of his Prog fans, that they are hoping he will have shoved the "Prog Fader" up to 11, he replied, “That could be a problem... as it's already at 14!!!”



  1. Ascraeus Mons
  2. Tharsis Tholus
  3. Arsia Mons
  4. Olympus Mons
  5. The North Plain
  6. Pavonis Mons
  7. South Pole
  8. Valles Marineris


  1. The album in 5.1 Surround Sound and H-Res Stereo Audio
  2. 3 mini promo films
  3. The making of The Red Planet documentary

Format: CD
Artist: Rick Wakeman
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