Ring Van Mobius "The 3rd Majesty" CD

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Ring Van Mobius - The 3rd Majesty (CD)
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Analog purists Ring Van Möbius are known for being true to the original progressive rock philosophy, combining 60’s/70’s instruments with the old art of tape recording, adding their own touch of musical creative madness.

The Norwegian trio delivers their second album The 3rd Majesty in mesmerizing manner - a Hammond-driven progressive pearl that could just as easily have been released in 1971 as in 2020. This epic record includes lengthy opuses - incorporating instruments such as tubular bells, theremin, a string quartet, timpani, and a massive modular synthesizer to name a few, in addition to the raw power of the Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, drums and electric bass guitar – all recorded in their Spectral Tape Studio and mastered at Lunds Lyd. The lyrical themes are of a rather abstract nature, dealing with the great universal questions, as well as saddening relevant issues of today’s society.

“This album stands as a tasteful, dynamic journey through the soundscapes of nostalgic joy!”


  • Thor Erik Helgesen – Vocals, Hammond L100, Spectral Modular Synthesis System, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet D6, Piano
  • Havard Rasmussen – Fender Bass VI, Moog Theremin, Ring Modulator and Space Echo Effects
  • Dag Olav Husas – Glockenspiel, Chimes, Timpani, Gong, Tubular Bells, Cymbals, Drums and Backing Vocals


  1. The Seven Movements Of The Third Majesty
  • Universal
  • Spectrum
  • Reaction
  • Bilateral
  • Zenith
  • Strife Of The Icons
  • Altitude Over Azimuth
  1. Illuminati
  2. Distant Sphere
  3. The Mobius Ring


Format: CD
Artist: Ring Van Mobius
Release Date: October 30, 2020