Robeone "Piano Stories" CD (NEW ARTIST)


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Robeone – My World (CD)

100% of the profits from the sale of this CD goes to the Bob Moog Foundation. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, The Bob Moog Foundation is an independent 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Bob Moog by inspiring others through science, music and innovation. The Foundation is providing much needed innovation and effective educational opportunities to children – youth who will become tomorrow’s generation of thinkers and problem solvers.

“In 2021 Robeone takes a total left turn with a solo piano album titles simply Piano Stories, with each of the nine tracks simply titled “Story n” – apparently Schindler wasn’t interested in descriptive titles at this point, but that doesn’t hinder the power, beauty and emotion conveyed within each of these pieces. The compositions are all explorative in nature, a mix of structure and improvisation, touching a number of different styles from classical to jazz to soundtrack and beyond. An amazing composer and superlative player on the most basic keyboard instrument of all, without any other instruments supporting. Piano Stories also includes a DVD containing 24/96 high resolution version of the album.” – Peter Thelen,


  • 1.     Story 1
  • 2.     Story 2
  • 3.     Story 3
  • 4.     Story 4
  • 5.     Story 5
  • 6.     Story 6
  • 7.     Story 7
  • 8.     Story 8
  • 9.     Story 9 2020

Format: CD
Artist: Robeone
Release Date: 2021