Separate Bed & Frode Fivel - Substandards LP

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Separate Bed & Frode Fivel - Substandards (LP)
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Only available on limited edition Black Vinyl (Only 250 copies)

Separate Bed is joining forces with Frode Fivel on his 2nd solo album. Frode Fivel, a legend himself in the Scandinavian underground scene, is known from Hello Goodbye and collaborations with Euroboys’ Knut Schreiner and more.  They play what they like to call “Grown-up Indie”. 

Separate Bed, aka Bosse Litsheim, is a permanent member of the critically acclaimed band Ai Phoenix. For a number of years, he has toured and worked in studios with artists such as St Thomas and Hotel Hotel.  Separate Bed is Bosse's first solo project, where he has worked on songs in collaboration with Tarjei Thomassen and Robert Jønnum (Kings of Convenience, St. Thomas + + +).


  1. The Shameful Truth Oh My Heart
  2. This Here Roundabout
  3. Staying Home
  4. The Sad King Of Spain
  5. The German B’s
  6. Where No Evil Grow
  7. The Struggle
  8. Murder In The Cathedral
  9. You Lost Yourself Again

      Format: Black Vinyl
      Artist: Separate Bed & Frode Fivel
      Release Date: September 1, 2023
      Cat. No.: AP165LP