Seven Steps to the Green Door "The?Book" CD

Marek Arnold

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Seven Steps to the Green Door – The?Book  (CD)

The?Book was the band’s most uncompromising work to date (not just musically) and was released in 2011 as part 1 of a concept trilogy. In addition to the band musicians and musical companions of Marek Arnold (including Larry B. / Robert Brenner - Stern-Combo Meissen, Toxic Smile), the album also features great guests such as the multi-award-winning vocal ensemble “Sjaella” or “Flaming Row”.

"What could happen to people who, in their fanatical belief in a supernatural (divine) authority, give up their own personality? People who no longer make their decisions dependent on themselves and their conscience, but on their belief in God - and with that in the here and today they cannot take on any real responsibility themselves but can shift it onto 'their God'. Regardless of whether their actions are positive or negative."

The?Book discovers the light of this world by embarking on a taboo-free search with a polarizing and provocative musical story. A heavenly album without any harp sounds, but with razor-sharp views. The?Book shows a path lyrically and musically that has probably never been taken in this unusual way before.

In The?Book, text and music merge into one another because the author (Thoralf Koss) wrote the story especially for this album, inspired by his own bitter experiences, and Marek Arnold (including Toxic Smile, Stern-Combo Meissen) sets it to music with this band. That's precisely why it was essential to first publish this album in a comprehensive media book in which the complete story can be read in German and English. Or even better: it should definitely be read before the first listen so that the listener can understand the album in its entirety! Today, the story and texts, including the written story of part 2 The?Lie masterfully continued by the American author George Andrade, and the final part 3 The?Truth, which will be published in spring 2024, can be found on the homepage

In The?Book, the dark visions of Kafka are combined with a musical diversity that is only known from Frank Zappa, even if the musical framework extends from progressive rock to melodic metal, but also pop and jazz. Faith and reality always come together, whereby a person deeply entangled in his faith finds himself in front of different doors whose symbolism he trusts, only to realize after opening that he has been deceived.

A huge musical challenge was to make each door “sound different” - a challenge that the band’s musicians and a large number of musical guests were able to master!

Anyone who opens The?Book, reads the story and listens to its setting will no longer be able to escape this intense atmosphere that captivates you!

Also, a remarkable point about The?Book, it was one of the first ever progressive rock albums to be converted into an interactive game for iOS–devices (iphone/ipad), programmed by Glanzkinder.

In George Andrade, the band was able to convince and win over a lyricist for the concept, who developed a compelling lyricbook for part 2 (The?Lie) and 3 (The?Truth) of the story, with stirring and disturbing lyrics, out of Thoralf Koss’ original story. To match the intriguing storyline, some outstanding members of the progrock scene were assembled to take on the roles of the characters and to perform the instrumental parts: British multi-instrumentalist and singer Pete Jones (Tiger Moth Tales, Camel, Francis Dunnery Band) delivers stunning vocals as the “Father”; gifted guitarist Luke Machin (including Maschine, The Tangent, Francis Dunnery Band, Damanek) played and arranged most guitar parts; Steve Unruh (Resistor, UPF, Samurai of Prog) and Jason Melidonie (Cytotoxin) added brilliant violin and guitar solos. That’s just to name but a few.


    1. Prologue (A Man And The Book)
    2. The Empty Room / Realization
    3. The Crying Child 91st Nail)
    4. The Healing Wonder (2nd Nail)
    5. The Dividing Water (3rd Nail)
    6. The Last Supper (4th Nail)
    7. The Eternal Abstinence (5th Nail)
    8. The Deadly Crucifixion
    9. The Green Door
    10. Epilogue (A Bird And The Book)

    Format: CD
    Artist: Seven Steps to the Green Door
    Release Date: 2011