Sound of Strangers "Crossing Borders" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Sound of Strangers - Crossing Borders (CD)
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Preceded and inspired by the likes of Marillion, Rush, Riverside and Pink Floyd, Sound of Strangers set out in 2016 to establish themselves as a new household name in modern (progressive) rock music. After years of honing their craft by performing classic songs from the symphonic rock catalogue, Sound of Strangers are now ready to leave the musical past behind and step into the musical present with their first collection of original songs, entitled 
Crossing Borders.

With Crossing Borders, Sound of Strangers present the first chapter in their career as a band. It's a seven-song salute to five decades of symphonic and (neo) progressive rock. Yet, at the same time, the album offers a glimpse of what is to come for both Sound of Strangers and the progressive/symphonic rock genre in general.

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  1. 1.      Ocean Sky
  2. 2.      Endless Night
  3. 3.      Years Of Memories
  4. 4.      The Wake
  5. 5.      Crossing Borders
  6. 6.      Stateless Ending
  7. 7.      Fire And Ice

Format: CD
Artist: Sound of Strangers
Release Date: May 22, 2023