Soup "Visions" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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Soup - Visions (CD)
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If Godspeed You! Black Emperor ventured into jazz, hired Richard Wright as producer, mixed it down to cassette by a stressed-out Brian Eno…  The new Soup album would pretty much be it.

Produced by the band themselves and aiming to counter the ongoing battle for loudness and Hi-Fi, you can expect a quite different sounding album. Once again the band’s long-time collaborator Lasse Hoile is behind the stunning cover photos. The album’s artwork continues the visual story from Soup’s albums “children of e.l.b.”, “The Beauty of our Youth,” “Remedies” and “LiveCuts”.

Have a look and listen here:


  1. 1.      Burning Bridges
  2. 2.      Crystalline
  3. 3.      Skins Pt. 1
  4. 4.      Kingdom Of Color
  5. 5.      Skins Pt. 2-3

Format: CD
Artist: Soup
Release Date: November 19, 2021