Spiraling "Challenging Stage/Holiday Single" 2 EP-CD Bundle


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Spiraling – Challenging Stage/Holiday Single – EP Bundle (2 EP-CD Bundle)

This bundle includes the two Spiraling EPs - Challenging Stage and Holiday Single.

Spiraling - Challenging Stage (EP)

A 2004 four-song EP recorded mostly live in the studio by Spiraling, the indie/synth rock quartet founded by keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Tom Brislin. While Brislin is known for his keyboard work with progressive and classic rock artists (hes been a member of Kansas since 2019), Spiraling represented a more direct progressive pop approach, tight and song-focused.

“They use the whole of their parts to achieve a strong sound…The band uses a variety of sounds under the vocals to archive some very proggy parts to the music. This subtlety is the strength of Spiraling.” - Prog Archives


  • Tom Brislin - Vocals, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer [Moog], Clavinet, Mellotron
  • Marty O’Kane - Guitar
  • Bob Hart - Bass, Vocals
  • Paul Wells – Drums


  1. A Face For Radio
  2. Ah, Sugar
  3. Texas Is The Reason
  4. You Can’t Get There


Spiraling - Holiday Single (EP)

Spiraling presents a rock take on the classic Christmas song Do You Hear What I Hear that fans of classic rock will find familiar. This 2005 recording has found a community of listeners who use the song to animate their holiday light displays. Bonus tracks include A Face for Radio from Spiraling’s Challenging Stage EP and the title track from the band’s 2002 release Transmitter.


  • Tom Brislin - Vocals and Keyboards
  • Marty O’Kane - Guitar
  • Bob Hart - Bass (tracks 1, 2)
  • Nicholas D’Amato - Bass (track 3)
  • Paul Wells - Drums


  1. Do You Hear What I Hear
  2. A Face For Radio
  3. Transmitter


Format: 2 x EP-CD
Artist: Spiraling
Release Date: 2004/2005