Steve Hogarth "Live Body Live Spirit" Autographed 2CD

Steve Hogarth (h)

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Steve Hogarth – Live Body Live Spirit (2CD)

Recorded 8 and 9 August, 2001, at Dingwalls in London during the 'Body and Spirit' evenings, this live offering from the h Band features a stunning collection of both music and musicians.

Steve Hogarth (Vocals, Keyboards), Richard Barbieri (Synthesizers), Andy Gangadeen (Drums), Dave Gregory (Guitar), Aziz Ibrahim (Guitar), Jingles (Bass), Dablir Singh (Tablas), Stephanie Sobey-Jones (Cello).


  1. The Evening Shadows
  2. Better Dreams
  3. Cage
  4. The Deep Water
  5. Life is a Long Song
  6. Song to the Siren
  7. Man of the World
  8. Old Wild Men
  9. New Amsterdam
  10. Xen and Now
  11. Nothing to Declare
  12. Dream Brother
  13. I Don't Remember
  14. Really Like
  15. The Loving
  16. Life On Mars
  17. Maybe I'm Amazed
  18. Until You Fall
  19. The Last Thing
  20. See Emily Play
  21. You Dinosaur Thing
  22. Estonia
  23. This is the 21st Century

Format: 2CD
Artist: Steve Hogarth (h)
Release Date: 2002