Strange Horizon "Beyond the Strange Horizon" CD

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Strange Horizon - Beyond the Strange Horizon (CD)
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Drawing inspiration from five decades of heavy music, Bergen Norway based heavy/doom metallers Strange Horizon are neither modern nor retro. Neither hip nor true. Riffs and melodies are their weapons. Honest music for dishonest times.

Traditional doom metal, or as the band calls it, blytung skandinavisk heavy metal! Influenced by Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Count Raven, the Finnish scene, the Maryland scene, 60s/70s proto-hardrock, blues and NWOBHM.


  1. Tower Of Stone
  2. Fake Templar
  3. The Final Vision
  4. Divine Fear
  5. They Never Knew
  6. Chains Of Society
  7. Turning The Corner
  8. Death In Ice Valley

Format: CD
Artist: Strange Horizon
Release Date: May 6, 2022
Cat. No.: AP103CD