Sunface "Cloud Castles" CD (NEW RELEASE)

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Sunface - Cloud Castles (CD)
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Sunface from Oslo, Norway released their debut album Observatory in December 2016, which became monumental within the genre and the title track was played several hundred thousand times all over the globe.

“We still love African and Middle Eastern music. We love down-tuned and heavy guitars and we love psychedelic spaced out rock.”

Finally, after 8 years, they are back and the journey continues in 2024 with the band’s new album Cloud Castles where tribe percussion and stoner/psych meet in a unique sound that has never before been heard. With a wall of speaker cabinets, fuzz and a wide spectrum of djembe, congas, table etc., atmospheric melodies and heavy riffs float hand in hand in a new type of tribe ritual.

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  1. Cloud Castles
  2. New Natures
  3. Tall Trees
  4. Garden Of Lanterns II
  5. Second Voyage
  6. Thundra Era
  7. Violet Ponds
  8. Priest Of The Rays
  9. Green Fields And Familiar Faces
  10. Through The Snow And Beyond Fertile Land

Format: CD
Artist: Sunface
Release Date: April 19, 2024
Cat. No.: AP192CD