Tangerine Dream "Tony Palmer’s Film Of Tangerine Dream Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975" CD/DVD

Tangerine Dream

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Tangerine Dream – Tony Palmer’s Film Of Tangerine Dream Live At Coventry Cathedral 1975 (CD/DVD)

In December 1974, Tangerine Dream were invited to play in the grand setting of Rheims Cathedral, a move certainly seen at the time as groundbreaking. Because of this, they were then invited to perform in the cathedrals of York, Liverpool and Coventry. The tour attracted unprecedented coverage in the media, especially at Coventry Cathedral, an iconic building rising like a phoenix over the ruins of the old cathedral bombed to bits by the Germans in 1940. Tangerine Dream is, after all, a German band. This cathedral is a celebration of peace and reconciliation, as well as a lasting showcase for great contemporary art. The nave is dominated by a giant tapestry by Graham Sutherland, the main door dwarfed by a sculpture of St. Michael & The Devil by Jacob Epstein, and the consecration in 1962 heard the first performance of Britten’s incomparable War Requiem. To their lasting credit, Tangerine Dream contributed to this celebration.

Released now for the first time on CD and bonus DVD, this will be welcomed by the massive Tangerine Dream fan base, as well as being seen for what it is – a meeting of cultures and for a brief moment in time.


  • Edgar Froese
  • Christopher Franke
  • Peter Baumann


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