The 16 Deadly Improvs "The Triumph of The 16 Deadly Improvs" CD

The 16 Deadly Improvs

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The 16 Deadly Improvs – The Triumph of The 16 Deadly Improvs (CD)

The fifth installment see the band back again with their unique and improvisational approach to prog and receiving high praise from many acclaimed reviewers.

“… the results are, as the title accurately suggests, a triumph for a band that’s been taking risks since its formation in the mid-90s. It’s an inventive approach yielding impressive results” – Sid Smith, Prog Magazine

“a unique and adventurous album from a band that deserves your immediate attention” – Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

“The Triumph of The 16 Deadly Improvs, is a dark and fascinating CD, a must buy for friends of the unusual” – Babyblau-Seiten, Germany


  1. Sand Palm IV
  2. Spirit Of Matter
  3. Torpedo
  4. Bugbear Blues
  5. Invincible Pole Fighters
  6. Into Another Time
  7. Rise Of The Septopi
  8. Gargantua!
  9. Sand Palm V
  10. Dear Me,
  11. You’d Make A Lot Of Money …
  12. Death To Disco
  13. Mag 3
  14. The Burrowers Beneath
  15. Fading Of My Memories
  16. Sand Palm VI

Format: CD
Artist: The 16 Deadly Improvs
Release Date: July 15, 2010