The Ancestry Program – Mysticeti Ambassadors Part I CD

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The Ancestry Program – Mysticeti Ambassadors Part I (CD)
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Part One of The Ancestry Program’s magnum opus consisting of Mysticeti Ambassadors Part I and continuing on Of Silent Mammalia Part II.

The loose concept of the albums follows the baleen whale from part 1, who realises it’s their task to save the planet, since no other species seems to be able - or willing - to do so. In between, there are songs dealing with various aspects of modern-day life. The story ends with a seemingly happy end, but ultimately, this will be left to the eye, or rather the ear, of the beholder to decide.


  • Ben Knabe – Lead Vocals, Lap Steel Guitar
  • Mani Gruber – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
  • Thomas Burlefinger – Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals, Kazoo, Alto Saxophone
  • Frank Thumbach – Bass, Upright Bass, Fretless Bass
  • Andy Lind – Drums, Loops, Backing Vocals, Keyboards


  • Wolfgang Zenk – Guitar tracks 1 & 6
  • Veronika Halser – Violin track 3
  • Christina Elsner – Cello track 3
  • Axel Kuhn – Soprano Saxophone track 6, Clarinet track 6

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  1. Dark To Overcome
  2. Gusty Ghost
  3. Lovely Lies
  4. Tiny Monsters
  5. Carry On (The Lyricist)
  6. My Enemy
  7. Diamond Ring

Format: CD
Artist: The Ancestry Program
Release Date: 2021/re-released 2023