The Ancestry Program "Tomorrow" CD (NEW ARTIST)

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The Ancestry Program – Tomorrow (CD)
This is a Progressive Promotion Records release.

The debut album from German proggers The Ancestry Program (TAP).


  • Ben Knabe – Lead Vocals
  • Mani Gruber – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
  • Wolfgang Zenk - Guitars
  • Thomas Burlefinger – Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals, Kazoo, Alto Saxophone
  • Frank Thumbach – Bass
  • Andy Lind – Drums, Backing Vocals, Keyboards

Check them out here:


  1. Silver Intro
  2. Silver Laughter
  3. Pun Intended
  4. Another Way To Fly
  5. Easy For Us
  6. Tomorrow
  7. More To This
  8. Tangerine Parties
  9. Human Key
  10. No Chorus No Home
  11. Ship To Shore

Format: CD
Artist: The Ancestry Program
Release Date: 2020/re-released 2023