The Bardic Depths "The Bardic Depths" CD

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The Bardic Depths "The Bardic Depths" CD
A Gravity Dream Music Release

‘The Bardic Depths’ is an all new progressive rock project formed from the writing team of multi-instrumentalist, Dave Bandana with lyrics and concept from Bradley Birzer, plus contributions from Peter Jones (Camel/ Tiger Moth Tales) – Saxophone/ Vocals, Tim Gehrt ( Streets/ Steve Walsh) – Drums, Gareth Cole (Tom Slatter/ Fractal Mirror) – Guitar and Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf) – Keyboards/ Guitar/ Bass, amongst a host of other amazing musicians from the progressive rock community around the world.

“The album is about friendship and its ability to get us through anything including war, with the concept centring on the literary friendship formed between J.R.R Tolkien and C. S Lewis between 1931 and 1949. “, says the Lanzarote based band leader Dave Bandana.

Friendship also provided the catalyst to enable such a wide cast of musicians to come together for the record, largely from the community provided by the Big Big Train Group on Facebook. The resulting album is an immersive combination of ethereal soundscape with Floydian undertones, and Talk Talk progressive pop sensibilities.

      Track Listing:

      • The Trenches
      • Biting Coals
      • Depths of Time
          • The Instant
          • The Flicker
          • The Moment
      • Depths of Imagination
      • Depths of Soul
      • The End
      • Legacies

      Format: CD
      Artist: The Bardic Depths
      Release Date: March 2020
      Cat. No.: GD00X