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Edison's Children

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Edison’s Children’s 4th Album

The Disturbance Fields are the physical manifestations that mother nature's fury can take against the human race due to our mistreatment of the oceans, rainforests and overdevelopment of urban landmasses. This has resulted in dramatic climatic changes in the temperatures of the earth and the sea and is the cause of far stronger and more violent storms and destructive natural events.

The Disturbance Fields features just one song... a 68 minute epic piece of music called “Washed Away” that takes you on a journey of a man fighting all of the forces of Mother Nature' wrath.

It is also personally based on the fact that during these recording sessions of all of Edison's Children's current and upcoming albums that we were hit by a hurricane, a 6.0 earthquake, a tornado and a massive blizzard which caused a state of emergency. Having experienced firsthand much of what Mother Nature's ferocity can deliver ... it was natural for the band to write a concept that maybe... we've crossed that line and perhaps Mother Nature has come to purge the world of what has become its biggest liability... human nature.

Edison’s Children have always been happy with comparisons with Floyd. Here they sound ever more like themselves. They serve up a vision of the future that’s nightmarish and musically ravishing – Prog Magazine

The Disturbance Fields by Edison’s Children is stunning. It’s the darkest, bleakest, most disturbing, delicious slice of prog I’ve heard in a very long time. Everyone needs to give it a listen, especially if you enjoy your prog on the symphonic side with a serious dose of bleak reality about our future weather patterns and global warming – Ed Mulhall

Pete Trewavas – Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals, Orchestration, FX
Eric Blackwood – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, V-Flute, Paraglide Guitar
Rick Armstrong – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass on The Surge, The Tempest, Resurgence
Henry Rodgers – Drums (Except noted below)
Lisa Wetton – Drums on A Cold Grey Morning, The Surge, Resurgence

Format: CD
Artist: Edison’s Children
Release Date: July 20, 2019
Cat. No.: RDR-EC07