The Europeans "Recurring Dreams" CD

Steve Hogarth (h)

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The Europeans – Recurring Dreams (CD)

Recurring Dreams 
became available in October 1984, with Steve Hogarth sang lead vocals on five of the eight tracks. When the Managing Director of A&M left the company a day after the release of the album, promotion took a nosedive. Hogarth and Woore left, forming How We Live a year later.

In August 2005, Recurring Dreams was re-released on CD by Marillion's label Racket Records. The re-issue features liner notes not included on the original 1984 vinyl release.


  1. 1001 Arguments
  2. Home Town
  3. Burning Inside You
  4. You Don't Want Me (In Your Life)
  5. Writing For Survival
  6. Love Has Let Me Down
  7. Don't Give Your Heart To Anybody
  8. Acid Rain

Format: CD
Artist: The Europeans
Release Date: October 1984