The Sea Within "The Sea Within" 2CD

The Sea Within

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The Sea Within "The Sea Within" 2CD

The Sea Within are an international rock supergroup formed in 2017 by Swedish guitarist and singer-songwriter Roine Stolt, bassist Jonas Reingold, guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw, German drummer Marco Minnemann, and American keyboardist Tom Brislin. Their self-titled debut album features guest performances from keyboardist Jordan Rudess, singers Jon Anderson and Casey McPherson, and saxophonist Rob Townsend.


  • Roine Stolt - Lead Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Marco Minnemann - Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar
  • Tom Brislin - Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Vocals
  • Jonas Reingold - Bass
  • Daniel Gildenlow - Lead Vocals

With Guests:

  • Casey McPherson - Lead Vocals
  • Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
  • Jon Anderson - Vocals
  • Rob Townsend - Tenor Saxophone



  1. Ashes Of Dawn
  2. They Know My Name
  3. The Void
  4. An Eye For An Eye For An Eye
  5. Goodbye
  6. Sea Without
  7. Broken Cord
  8. The Hiding Of Truth


  1. The Roaring Silence
  2. Where Are You Going?
  3. Time
  4. Denise


Format: 2CD
Artist: The Sea Within
Release Date: June 22, 2018