The Swan Chorus "Achilles And The Difference Engine" CD (NEW ARTIST)

The Swan Chorus

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The Swan Chorus - Achilles And The Difference Engine (CD)

Released in 2023, Achilles and the Difference Engine is the band’s second album.

Achilles and the Difference Engine honours Colin and David’s first band ‘Achilles’ and includes some songs written by them in 1980-81. Colin sings lead vocal on some songs on the album, John singing the rest and singing harmony parts with Colin.

The reaction to the album has been incredibly positive, with some of the prog-world saying it was the best prog album of 2023. Here are some quotes regarding the album:

“Absolutely marvellous - such fun and full of light, with accessible prog and diversity. A breath of fresh air!”

“This is a brilliant album, masterly performed ...and full of very appealing musical ideas. Although it contains many 'progressive' elements I found it both refreshing and relaxing to hear music in 4-beats-to-a-bar”

“The best prog album I've listened to in a lot of years”

“The album is that rare thing, an instantly accessible album that grows with each listening”

“Landed out of nowhere and it's a winner!! Melodic as all heck, with hooks for days, great grooves, and packed with great lyrics, whimsy and has a lot of fun with the (in some places) acerbic commentary. A perfect balance of all things. This album will get a lot of repeats.”

“Every now again purely by chance you stumble across not only something appealing, but more than likely a true unsung pioneer in their chosen genre. The album is pleasing and inviting from its very first note. Washes of synths and punchy guitars compliment the excellent vocals. Melodic, strong hooks make this a pleasing proposition for any fan looking for a departure from doom laden prog metal. Infectious Prog, you now have your own sub-genre!”

“Describing their style and sound is not straightforward as the band have created their own soundscape. Powerful, confident vocals and a deeper lyrical content throughout. This is infectious prog that needs to be spread to a wider audience “- The Progressive Aspect

Have a look and a listen here:


  1. The Waffle House Index
  2. After Dark
  3. Being There
  4. Cold Comfort
  5. Contender
  6. My Little Vampire
  7. English Electric
  8. No Idea
  9. Welcome Home
  10. This Great Adventure

Format: CD
Artist: The Swan Chorus
Release Date: 2023