The Zombies "Still Got That Hunger" LP

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The Zombies – Still Got That Hunger (Vinyl)
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The 21st century version of the Zombies are, not unexpectedly, a band with a different sound and feel from the 1960s cult heroes they were. Still Got That Hunger - from 2015 - is a powerful reminder that Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone still possess indisputably unique talents. 

The album was recorded with producer Chris Potter (The Verve, The Rolling Stones) and features artwork by Terry Quirk, the artist behind the classic Odessey And Oracle sleeve.

'Tracks like And We Were Young Again, Chasing The Past and Maybe Tomorrow are rooted in the Zombies 1960s Brit-psych sound.' - MOJO

This is the second pressing, on 140g vinyl in a non-gatefold sleeve.

Side 1:

  1. Moving On
  2. Chasing The Past
  3. Edge Of The Rainbow
  4. New York
  5. I Want You Back Again (2015)

Side 2:

  1. And We Were Young Again
  2. Maybe Tomorrow
  3. Now I Know I’ll Never Get Over You
  4. Little One
  5. Beyond The Borderline

Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Zombies
Release Date: 2016