United Progressive Fraternity "Planetary Overload – Part 1: Loss" 2LP


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United Progressive Fraternity (UPF) – Planetary Overload – Part 1: Loss (2LP)
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Part One of UPF’s two-part massive concept album Planetary Overload, focusing on the problems we are already beginning to encounter on a troubled planet and expected to face with increasing severity in the near future, and taking immediate positive action to mitigate those effects to ensure humanity’s survival. Consisting of more than 50 musicians in a worldwide net, this is an impressive creation that should not be missed.


Side 1:

  1. Loss Anthem
  2. What Happens Now
  3. Cruel Times
  4. What Are We Doing To Ourselves

Side 2:

  1. Stop Time
  2. One More
  3. Mercenaries
  4. Dying To Be Reborn

Side 3:

  1. Seeds For Life

Side 4:

  1. What If
  2. Forgive Me, My Son
  3. Loss To Lost
  4. Gone In The Blink Of An Eye – UPF America Version

    Format: 2LP
    Artist: United Progressive Fraternity (UPF)
    Release Date: 2019
    Cat. No.: GEPCD1061