Valerie Gracious/Steve Unruh/Phideaux Xavier "71319 Live at Monforti Manor" 2 CD

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Valerie Gracious/Steve Unruh/Phideaux Xavier – 71319 Live At Monforti Manor (2CD)
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Phideaux Xavier and Steve Unruh paired up with Valerie Gracious for a memorable night of live music, the first live album for both. Recorded live at Monforti Manor on July 13, 2019.

First Set:

  1. Learn To Love Rain
  2. Twilight In India
  3. Violin Raga (On Song To The Sky)
  4. Something In Heaven Bleeds
  5. The Lawn Chair Song (With Extended Improvisation)
  6. Two Little Awakenings
  7. Luxury Denials

Second Set:

  1. The Error Lives On
  2. Candybrain / The Sleepers Wake
  3. Darkness At Noon
  4. One Star
  5. Inspecting The Spoils
  6. You And Me Against A World Of Pain
  7. A Curse Of Miracles
  8. The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice (Two)
  9. Infinite Supply


Format: 2CD
Artist: Steve Unruh, Phideaux Xavier and Valerie Gracious
Release Date: 2020